General FAQs

What is the belief behind MESAS?
We trust that unless individuals from the common society are included proactively during the time spent improvement, economical change won’t occur. Having confidence in this rule of ‘City Driven Change’ MESAS sharpens the common society keeping in mind the end goal to make them accomplices in its main goal.

Does MESAS work in India or other countries too?
MESAS is a national level improvement association with its welfare ventures spread crosswise over India.

What is the scenario in India, presently?
India has around 11 million kids living in the city and 14 million kids filling in as works. Just 60% of kids approach training regardless of having a national strategy on obligatory rudimentary instruction. An opportunity to take aggregate and also singular duty to cure the present circumstance is here. At the present time!

How old is MESAS?
MESAS was built up in the year 2003

What is the mission of MESAS?
MESAS mission is to enable underprivileged youngsters, youth and their families and group through applicable training, imaginative human services and market-centered employment programs. We expect to convey most ideal philosophy and innovation for accomplishing perfect SROI (social degree of profitability), to rehearse and advance great administration, to connect business intensity of the corporate with social improvement activities and to sharpen the favored segment of society to advance Civic Driven Change.

Who are the people behind MESAS?
The acknowledgment of a gathering of youthful corporate experts, that it was their Social Responsibility to offer back to the general public, laid the origin of MESAS. Plateaus is overseen professionally by a Board of Advisors, including people from different foundations and ability, trailed by an Executive Committee and a very much characterized proficient workforce.

Which areas does MESAS work in?
Plateaus has been working in the topical zones of training, social insurance, youth employability and strengthening of ladies and young ladies

Why do you stress on education, when there are other equally pressing issues in the country?
Instruction alone has the ability to free individuals from the endless loop of neediness – regarding procuring a business as well as in getting to be plainly mindful of the rights and flexibilities that a national is blessed with. Along these lines enabling people and making them independent.

What is the working model of MESAS?
MESAS works under two models, in particular Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP) and Outreach.

What is Social Venture Philanthropy model?
SVP: Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP) is a creative model in view of the business idea of investment. Under SVP, MESAS recognizes, handholds and assembles limits of certifiable grassroots NGOs. Plateaus concentrates on accomplishing versatility and manageability, making a culture of initiative and perfection and teaching a profound feeling of responsibility among its accomplices.

What is the Outreach model?
While working in the remote rustic zones, MESAS understood that limits of group based associations (CBOs) were not satisfactory to meet desires of social financial specialists. Under effort demonstrate, MESAS executes the improvement intercessions specifically as it requires serious and proficient engagement for a more extensive and supported result.

What is the source of funding for the organization?
Around 70-80% subsidizing backing of the association originates from corporates; the rest originates from PSUs, singular givers and private establishments.

What is the mission of MESAS?
MESAS mission is to engage underprivileged kids, youth and their families and group through pertinent training, inventive human services and market-centered business programs. We intend to convey most ideal philosophy and innovation for accomplishing perfect SROI (social rate of profitability), to hone and advance great administration, to connect business aggressiveness of the corporate with social improvement activities and to sharpen the special segment of society to advance Civic Driven Change.

How can an NGO apply for assistance?
There is an easy to understand application shape accessible on our site that a NGO can fill. Aside from that we place sees in all our inner methods of correspondence like our site, mailers, and so forth at whatever point there is a necessity for an accomplice in a specific topographical territory under our different programmes.

How does MESAS choose the projects / grassroots NGOs to work with?
MESAS searches for developing and submitted grassroots associations for connecting with underprivileged groups. We join forces with individuals and associations that need to have any kind of effect yet don’t have satisfactory information and ability to bring assets or work up in an expert way.

Who all are the target beneficiaries?
Kids, their families and the groups are the objective gatherings of MESAS with kids at the middle stage. The association trusts that a children training can’t be dealt with without dealing with the family, particularly the mother, and the groups they have a place with.

At present how many people are directly benefitting from various programmes of MESAS?
At exhibit MESAS is straightforwardly profiting more than 300,000 kids, youth and ladies through 158 welfare extends crosswise over 25 conditions of India.

How can one associate with the organization?
In our excursion up until now, we have gotten tremendous help from various people, numerous private and open part organizations, improvement offices, instructive establishments, open figures and the broad communications. One can connect with us in any of these previously mentioned ways. It would be ideal if you visit the reach us or get included segment of our site for more data on the conceivable methods for being associated with our excursion.

Does MESAS provide internships? If yes, how can I apply for it?
Intrigued applicants can go to reach us area of our site and keep in touch with the pertinent segment or division they are fascinating in interning with.

How can I work for MESAS?
It would be ideal if you go to our Career page to find out about the present openings in MESAS.

How can I donate to MESAS?
You can go to Donate Now area of MESAS site and give on the web. For different gifts related questions please keep in touch with

Does MESAS have any merchandise?
Chanze is a special method of interest advanced by MESAS, a creative arrangement of Corporate Gifts conceptualized, outlined and delivered by MESAS. These exceedingly customisable arrangement of corporate endowments are a chance to be a piece of the change and acquire a MESAS the lives of thousands of down and out kids and youth as all returns will be used towards subsidizing MESAS’s different advancement ventures. It would be ideal if you visit the Shop page on our site to see the item inventory

What are the ways of measuring impacts of the various programmes?
Plateaus has an appropriate program administration framework which tracks advance and does intermittent investigation both subjective and quantitative Periodic outside assessments are likewise done to gage the effect and advance of different projects

How does MESAS work for the education of underprivileged children?
MESAS works for the instruction of underprivileged kids through its Mission Education Program which gives fundamental training and human services. For additional data you can visit

Where is Mission Education programme located?
Mission Education is a national level program of MESAS with a nearness in 21 states in India.

What curriculum do you follow in the education programmes?
Our instructive program – Mission Education, for underprivileged youngsters, takes after the educational programs of the individual state board where the venture is available and operational.

How many students are benefitted through Mission Education?
More than 200,000 kids have profited specifically from Mission Education program since 2002. At introduce, the program is contacting 16,500 kids specifically through 70 extends in 21 states crosswise over India.

What is your healthcare programme?
MESAS on Wheels (a portable clinic program) is the lead human services program of MESAS. What’s more, Health with MESAS is another program which gives dire and particular wellbeing administrations through multi strength wellbeing camps crosswise over India.

What is the idea behind MESAS on Wheels?
The thought behind SoW is to take human services to the doorsteps of urban poor and underserved villagers in the remote country zones and urban ghettos and to create wellbeing looking for conduct among them.

What kind of medical services are provided through MESAS on Wheels?
MESAS on Wheels gives remedial, preventive and promotive social insurance administrations at the doorstep. Every versatile healing facility is outfitted with an examination table, ECG, a Calorimeter, First Aid pack, IV liquid transmission snare, Nebulizer, Centrifuge for neurotic tests, Oxygen chambers, Stretcher, little chiller cum icebox, open address frameworks among others. Every MESAS on Wheels has a qualified specialist, nurture, drug specialist, extend officer, driver and a group mobilizer.

On an average how many people receive benefit through MESAS on Wheels?
MESAS on wheels benefits 231,000 individuals specifically in a year

How does MESAS work in the area of women empowerment?
MESAS works for the young lady kids and ladies trough its national

What information is sent to the donors?
The benefactor gets a moment affirmation mail alongside a SMS. On getting the compromise proclamation from the bank, a receipt is sent through email promptly, trailed by a printed version by post (inside India). The receipt is joined by an ‘appreciated pack’ which is additionally a token of appreciation. The giver gets a birthday wish, wishes on imperative celebrations, program refreshes and a yearly effect report amid a year.

What will MESAS do with my donation?
When the gift through check or online is accommodated by the bank, the sum is apportioned to the particular program, which it has been implied for. The use and results are overseen, observed and reviewed. The result is reflected in the yearly effect report, which is imparted to the contributors.

How does MESAS ensure that the donors contribution is being utilized in the intended way?
Grin Foundation takes after the rule of good administration. We have a four-level review instrument to track and screen the assets raised and used. More subtle elements of the procedure are specified at

Does MESAS accept donations in USD or Pounds?
Yes, the association acknowledges gifts in USD and pounds too however just as check, drafts or by means of online installment entryway. As an arrangement the association cling to all administration standards and keeps up ideal straightforwardness with the benefactors. The association has a FCRA represent its internationals supporters. However assess exclusions are material according to the nation particular rules.

How much should I donate? (we can give break up of monthly expenditure of a child)
There is no particular sum that ought to be given. However every one of the projects have a nitty gritty separation of the consumption showed on the web.

Is the website safe to make online payments?
Yes, the site is alright for any sort of exchange. Likewise any data trade is remained careful and in no condition gets uncovered. Likewise the installment portal is an outsider installment entryway perceived by the budgetary foundations under the legislature of India. So any exchange additionally is altogether secured.

What is the process of keeping the donors information safe?
As a tenable association, we respect the protection of our contributors. The contributor information is not uncovered or imparted to any outside organization under any conditions. We have a strong in-house component and server framework where the records are remained careful. The whole setup is ensured with watchword and is protected by reconnaissance programming. The information is kept entirely secret and just approved staff with an uncommon non-revelation bond approach it.

What are the Tax benefits that a donor will get?
A benefactor will get half of assessment exception on the gift under area 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Do you issue Tax receipts? How soon will the receipts arrive?
Yes, charge receipts are issued to every one of the givers regardless of the sum bolstered. A computerized duplicate of the receipt is created on and sent by means of email post acknowledgment of the gave sum. The printed version of the receipt is conveyed to the benefactor inside 10 working days.

What happens if the tax receipt is lost?
In the event of loss of the first receipt, a copy impose receipt is issued on receipt of a formal demand from the giver.

Can one donate in kind (old clothes, books, stationary etc)?
For the most part in-kind gift is acknowledged just when there is a need in any of the tasks at a given purpose of time.

Is it possible for a consistent supporter to meet the beneficiary personally?
While you can visit the school where the kids you bolster are considering we don’t urge contributors to straightforwardly meet the recipients as we would prefer not to give extraordinary treatment to any tyke.