Youngsters are the eventual fate of a country. They are the best change operators, be it in the family or the group in which they live. It is in this manner vital to enable the youngsters, to get them youthful and instill in them sentiments of compassion and inner voice with the goal that they grow up as capable people. Detecting this need, MESAS thought of Child For Child (CFC) program in 2006. Sharpening of advantaged kids and their folks, towards the current imbalances around them, is an essential target of CFC.

Favored kids are sharpened about the hardship and torment continued by the underprivileged children. CFC tries to teach an inner voice and esteem framework in the youngsters with the goal that they grow up to wind up noticeably mindful nationals and change producers. Prior to their brains are set with age, the CFC program tries to make the most of them their own particular gifts and comprehend the predicament of less favored ones. When they begin understanding the value of the benefits they are conceived with, they consequently turn their musings towards inspiration and build up the correct viewpoint. This in the long run causes them form into effective as well as mindful people in life. They grow up to wind up noticeably noteworthy change producers, who contribute emphatically to the general public.

Under Child For Child program, MESAS visits different schools and directs drawing in sessions for the youthful personalities. It sharpens youngsters towards different causes and let them understand their advantaged status.